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By Lisa Larter

Facebook is not a marketing strategy and neither is Twitter. Marketing should be part of your Business Strategy and should include how you engage, serve and interact with your customers because those are the things that cause them to “know, like and trust” you.

You have many channels by which your customers interact with you on a daily basis and figuring out how to integrate all of them into an exceptional experience should keep you awake at night…


“Spray and pray” marketing is a thing of the past. Today’s smart business owners understand the need to look at the big picture and serve their customers well no matter the channel they choose to interact with.

We are all busy though and with busy-ness comes forgetfulness.

Having a Facebook and Twitter account does not excuse you from answering the phone when your customer calls.

And having a Facebook page that you never check is not helping you create better relationships with your customers either.

It all has to work together or your efforts will not pay off. Tell me, how are you making it ALL work? Share in the comments below and, for some tips and strategies on this be sure and download the free “5 Ways to Make Money Using Social Media” from eWomenSocial Advantage (just fill out the form below).



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