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What is Your “Belief Window?”

by Jeanie Douthitt

We all have a “Belief Window”.   It is the framework each of us has for understanding and seeing our own world.  What is written on our window defines who we are, how we act and what we may become.  Our version of reality comes from our own beliefs, what others have taught us from an early age, previous experiences, cultural beliefs, or just general observations. Your window may have lots of untrue, outdated information, or damaging beliefs that can limit your life successes.  Your “Belief Window” controls all your decisions.

The good news is we can change our “Belief Window”.   First, we need to recognize and acknowledge the very existence of these beliefs. Some of them might be wrong and limiting our success.  It took me many years to recognize that my “Belief Window” could and needed to be changed.  Once I realized that I was not damaged goods I had to shift my perception of the choices I made in my life.

We don’t have to settle for “less than” as some sort of eternal punishment for past “misdeeds.”


Jeanie Douthitt is Co-Author of the book “Succeeding In Spite of Everything.” For free access to Jeanie’s story click here.

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