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By Dina Dwyer-Owens –

Below is a list of commonly-held values that you can use as a starting point when developing your personal or company code of values. Review each one with care, reflecting on which values strike a chord with you. Of those values, what are some situations that stand out in your mind in which those values were apparent (or absent)?


  • Adaptability Ethics Peace
  • Achievement Fairness Positive Spirit
  • Accountability Faith Power
  • Advancement Family/Friends Prestige
  • Adventure Focus Profit
  • Attentiveness Forgiveness Productivity
  • Authority Friendship Purpose
  • Balance (work + home) Harmony Quality
  • Being the best Honesty Recognition
  • Belonging Humor/Fun Relationships
  • Breathing Space Improvement Relaxation
  • Caring Independence Reliability
  • Caution Influence Resilience
  • Challenge Information Respect/Valuing
  • Collegiality Initiative Responsibility
  • Comfort Innovation Results
  • Commitment Integrity Reverence
  • Communication Intelligence Risk Taking
  • Community Involvement Safety
  • Compassion Knowledge Service
  • Competition Leadership Socializing
  • Confidence Learning, Formal Spirituality
  • Contribution Learning, Informal Stamina
  • Control Listening Status
  • Cooperation Location Success
  • Creativity Location Teamwork
  • Customer Satisfaction Long-Term View Territory
  • Dignity Love Tolerance
  • Discontent Loyalty Tradition
  • Discretionary Time Making a Difference Trust
  • Diversity Meetings Unity
  • Empathy Money Vacations
  • Energy Opportunities Variety
  • Enthusiasm Organizational Vision
  • Entrepreneurship Growth Wealth
  • Environmental Awareness Partnering Wisdom

Four Key Steps to Creating Your Own Values


The process of developing your values has only four steps:

  • Knowing and understanding your values
  • Regularly sharing your values and aligning yourself with people who embody them
  • Systemization and internalization of your values
  • Measuring your performance with values

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