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by Jill Lublin

Be yourself. Build on your assets and your uniqueness, because they are really what people want. Clients and customers want you, your special viewpoint or approach; your unique insights or touch, not a weak imitation of someone else. Don’t just be a copycat; find your own voice. Get noticed in your own way; in the manner most natural and comfortable to you. Examine the approaches that others have taken and then follow what feels natural for you. Trust yourself and your instincts.

Work your business around your life, so it fits in your life, supports your life, and reflects you. Too many people do the reverse, they work their lives around their businesses and it frequently doesn’t work out well.

Think of your clients, customers, referral sources, vendors and suppliers as your partners and friends…  as people who want to help you. Never forget that they’re people, not just business statistics, and that you cannot succeed without them.

Master the art of listening because when you listen, you truly learn. If you listen, people will want to share their knowledge with you, be with you and help you. They will consider you their friend and go to great lengths to help you.

Before you take on any project make sure that you know exactly what the client or customer wants. Reduce your understanding in writing to eliminate doubt. It’s hard to satisfy people when you don’t know what they want.

Be generous. Make giving a central part of your life. Work hard and give your clients and customers more than they expect. Give people your time. Always show your appreciation, thank and reward those who help. Praise others, and give them the credit and the spotlight.

Surround yourself with the most interesting, active and positive people. Hang around with experts, authorities and people who are smarter and more accomplished than you. Find ways to meet them and be with them because they will open amazing new doors for you. They will support your efforts and add fullness and excitement to your life.

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