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The Importance of Learning to F.L.Y.

By Shaun Stephenson

Life is about moment-by-moment learning, and I always ask to become the example of what I want to see in the world. So, now I welcome what may look like a challenge, because I know it has happened to help take me to the next level.

I don’t say, “Oh my God, not this again!” Instead, I say, “What am I learning? Where am I being taken in this process?” I use my challenges as steppingstones rather than opportunities to cut off my own joy, resilience and power.  You didn’t show up here by accident.

You showed up ready and because you said “YES.” The human evolutionary process is no different than any natural process. So, even if you are resisting change, you can trust that it is necessary. When we hold onto outcomes and the desire to know how it’s all going to work out, we really limit ourselves. We have to be willing to let go and surrender to what IS happening.


Transformation is not a simple process. It can be very painful.  It means being dug out and ripped apart, and if you’re not ready for that, you may want to give up. But, we need to feel pain and go through hardship to grow.


Shaun Stephenson is a Co-Author of Succeeding in Spite of Everything. She is also an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach and focuses on spiritual and life coaching.





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