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The International Day of Happiness

By Ellen Seigel, LISW

Wishing you could change the world? Bring emotional relief to the masses? Spreading the word about the International Day of Happiness on March 20th gives you that chance. Continue Reading →

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Mid-Life Career Transitions

By Julia Mattern

Most women expect the physical changes that occur at midlife, yet how many of us are prepared for the mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that also happen? Or the impact that this has on our lives and careers? Continue Reading →

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Master The Art Of Client Attraction With These 3 Tips

By Marcia Donaldson

Do you remember when you started your business? Did you have a plan for client attraction? Probably not. You likely thought that clients would start flowing through the doors just because you are open for business. Are you frustrated because you don’t have enough clients? Continue Reading →

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Curing Writer’s Block

By Donna Dawley

You have reached the end of the week, you haven’t written a word this week and you need to post your weekly blog. You have no idea what to write about. You stare at the blank page with no inspiration. What to do? Start reading! Yes, stop writing and start reading! Some bloggers and newsletter writers give permission to repost their writing as long as you give them credit and point people toward the source. If it’s a fantastic article that will benefit your client base, then that is a good option, but not the best one. Continue Reading →

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Attitudes: Your Personal & Professional Growth

By Cheryl Leitschuh

Attitudes are habits of thought. Most of your basic attitudes were developed very early in life. The earliest understandable conditioning – physical touch, plays a critical role in your attitudes about people, love, physical safety and how you feel about yourself and others. As you grow, the conditioning process becomes verbal and you begin hearing all the “truisms” that have a powerful impact on your present attitudes. Continue Reading →

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By Gayle Carson

You would think that communicating would be easy since you’ve been doing it all your life. Continue Reading →

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Create a Wealthy Future … At Any Age!

By Kris Miller

In case you haven’t heard by now, the stock market isn’t the only game in town for financial planning. In fact, I tell people that the stock market is one of the worst places to keep your money if you truly want long-term wealth. Continue Reading →

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Cracking the 2 Greatest Myths about Doing Business With the Feds

by Dona Storey

Doing business with the federal government could be the tale of the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly.  However, I have found that some of those tales are built on myths passed along by those will little experiential knowledge. Continue Reading →

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What’s Your Emotional Identity?

By Teresa Bruni

Our emotions change throughout the day. It’s possible to experience a wide range of emotions even in a short period of time. You can go from happiness to sadness, anger, or fear depending on what’s happening around you. But a person’s emotional “identity” stems from their consciousness, their internal belief system. Continue Reading →

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Why Everyone Needs Long-Term Care Insurance

By Kris Miller

Any number of unexpected things can happen to anyone—from health problems to injuries to setbacks. And this is precisely why you need long-term care insurance. Continue Reading →

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