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Besides Trademark, Copyright and a Design Patent, How Else Can I Protect My Ideas and Original Designs?

by Jessica Eaves Mathews

There are a few other areas of the law that might provide you with some protection if it someone tries to steal, borrow or knock off your ideas or designs and sell them in the US.

First, you might have a claim for “unfair competition” (this could arise if a local or foreign company copies your design and that copy is “passed off” as the their product). Continue Reading →

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Partner with your husband? This is how it is done folks!

Guest Post by Danelle Brown

I recently put on my Facebook page update something awesome I was witness to. I was in a great goal setting workshop a couple weekends ago. This was an all day thing mind you. You went in at 9:00 and didn’t come out until 4:00. So many great business owners in there ready to take charge of their year. I met a lot of business owners – particularly ones working with their spouses. This does not surprise me because you are all out there!

At the end of the workshop, I was walking outside with a wonderful lady I had met that day and we were talking about – of course – the fact that she worked with her husband. She was excited to read my book and it was a nice conversation. We both approached our cars to find that someone mysteriously had left a single long stemmed red rose on her car window.

One guess who it was.

Later I spoke with her on Facebook and she told me her husband left her that rose in appreciation of her working hard on their business and taking time on a Saturday to get it done.


That is how it is done. Little things like that are so simple to implement to not only encourage one another in your business, but also to keep the spark alive. More often than not, you two are the only cheerleaders you have in the business. It is so important to maintain the balance of encourager, supporter, sounding board and even the romantic.

What small steps can you take today to show your spouse how much you support them in running your business together?

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Original Post from Soulmate Proprietors

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