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What is a #Hashtag?

On Twitter, hashtags (#) have become a favorite tool for conference and event organizers.  They provide a way to track topics and breaking news.  As more and more incredible business owners and entrepreneurs register for the 11th Annual International Conference & Business Expo, we want to provide you with easy access to Conference updates, trends, topics and each other!  The hashtag for the 2011 eWomenNetwork International Conference is #eWN2011, and utilizing it in posts on Twitter will make your communication easy to share with other Conference attendees.

Introduce yourselves to new friends and followers by using  #eWN2011 in your tweets.  Take advantage of the opportunity to connect before you arrive in Dallas, TX.  Want to let everyone know what you are learning and who you are meeting while you are at Conference?  Be sure and include the hashtag #eWN2011 in your Tweets! We love to RT (retweet)!  Follow us on Twitter @eWomenNetwork.

Tip:  Did you know that businesses can search on hashtags that are specific to their target markets and begin conversations on Twitter?  (

This Conference will provide an unparalleled opportunity to grow and expand your business, knowledge and network.  You can follow the conversation on Twitter or on the Conference homepage at  #eWN2011 is registered at  Be sure to connect with eWomenNetwork on Facebook and YouTube.  Get social @ #eWN2011!  We can’t wait to meet you!

*Hashtag photo by jeffisageek – Flickr



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