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Mary Sommerset's headshot 2-4-13
By Mary Sommerset Unpacking boxes of stuff we did not have time to recycle before moving reminds me of the stuff I carry around inside  me. Just like boxes with labels, my internal stuff  finds its own hiding place…(maybe not as big as our garage…but still).
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Strong Relationships Help Ideas Flourish

Sylvia Henderson's headshot 6-11-13
By Sylvia Henderson Like traditional wedding vows, being there “in good times and in bad” can also apply to relationships to help your idea succeed. Develop connections with people during your good times and they will likely be there for you when you need a trusted supporter.
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Social Media and PR

Denise Antoon's headshot 1-31-13
By Denise Antoon We all know social media is part of life as a business owner.  We hear all the “MUST DO’S” with regards to social media.  You may wonder how using social media could help gain traditional media attention.  There are several ways to use social media...
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