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What is Coaching?


Coaching is a jointly-designed partnership that supports you and forwards your actions toward the achievement of your goals and vision of your business, career, or personal life.  Success means different things to each of us, and this partnership allows you to reach greater personal and business success. Strategic coaching principles and tools are used to empower you and restore a dynamic state of balance in the key areas of your life.

Throughout the coaching relationship, your coach will engage in direct and potent questioning, and may, on occasion, be directive.  You can count on your coach to ask honest and straightforward questions designed to open new thought processes, to make inquiries that offer inner discovery, and to make requests that lead to action and achievement.

Why does eWomenNetwork think that it is important to include two complimentary Coaching sessions as a Member Benefit?  Sandra Yancey, CEO of eWomenNetwork, believes that entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need a way to break through the isolation that comes from doing it all on their own.  “I would have never made it without help.  It was a pivotal turning point in my business.  Coaching represents an honest and objective  third party who can help you with your challenges and conflicting demands.   It’s similar to why you may hire an exercise trainer or join a weight loss group.  You know what you need to do, you just want someone to guide, support and hold you accountable.”  I asked Sandra how to select the appropriate coach.  “If you have several challenges and not sure which one to focus on first, think about the one thing that keeps you up at night,” she said.  “It can be either your greatest pain-point or that single burning idea you are so excited about.”

Coaching provides  an opportunity to gain clarity, translate your dreams and ideas into achievable goals, change old beliefs and patterns that hold you back, develop and maintain focus, design structures and systems to support your journey, and choose how you are going to live the rest of your life in a whole new way!  To learn more about coaching, go to  http://www.ewomennetwork.com/coaches.html.

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