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By Margot Morgan

In difficult times, business owners are often tempted to alter their core values and those of their company.  You might be tempted too, in order to save money or acquire a quick sale.  However, just this once, leads to again and again until you barely recognize yourself or your company. Loyal customers won’t remain loyal to a company that discards its commitments and values, even if the times are tough.  This is not an area in which to make changes!  Instead, revisit and recommit to them.


If you’ve never had clear core values and commitments concerning your business, then do some real thinking and soul searching.  Without them, you won’t have an anchor, a guiding force or compass.  If success has never come your way, this may be why.  Put them in writing and make sure your entire company knows what they are and embraces them.

Margot D. Morgan, Executive Coaching Group, Inc., coaches her clients to gain clarity, to act more boldly and to improve business, leadership, sales and management skills. She coaches business owners from all industries, but specializes in working with those whose businesses are creative or artistic in nature. She is an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach.   www.executivecoachgroup.com mmorgan@executivecoachgroup.com


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