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By Sylvia Henderson

That’s an interesting idea, but…

We tried that before and it won’t…

You should –

  • be careful…
  • watch what you…
  • re-consider
  • wait until…


You have an idea, suggestion, or something you want to try. You share your idea and people “should” all over you, planting doubts. How do you get past the negative energy, emoted in the spirit of good intentions?

Know your goal.

Be clear within yourself about your idea and why you consider it important to implement. When you are sure within yourself, you communicate assertively and convince others to believe in your idea.

Hear them out.

Use active listening techniques. Give clues that you really hear peoples’ concerns. Ask probing questions to clarify their messages. Determine whether their “shoulds” are well-intentioned cautions, aspects of your idea that you have not fully considered, alternatives that might add to your idea success, or barriers that thwart your progress. Investigate, then decide whether—or how—to proceed.

Be prudently persistent.

Make informed decisions from counsel you receive, and research. Then regain your focus and commitment and move forward with your idea.

Know your goal, listen to trusted counsel, research, and be prudently persistent to keep people from “shoulding” all over your ideas.

Sylvia Henderson is a Premier Success Coach and is an Idea Implementation Strategist and Founder of the Idea Success Network, works with individuals and groups to help move ideas from possibilities to profitability.


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