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Quick Tips for Do-it Yourself Media

By Denise Antoon

When we think of Public Relations for some people the character Samantha Jones may come to mind or a high end “celebrity” firm in NYC or Beverly Hills.  This is true for some PR firms, but there are various firms around the world that work at all levels and areas.   However, you might also decide do it yourself.

First, you want to know what your objective is for using media is.  What results you want to accomplish being in a certain magazine or television show?  What outcomes do you seek for that local radio spot?

Second, create a target list of media outlets and the point of contact to develop a relationship with to eventually pitch your idea.  Keep in mind this is not the show you enjoy, but where your ideal client gathers.  You might love O Magazine, but if your target client is a male might not be the choice of media to seek out.

Lastly, don’t give up.  If at first you do not succeed rethink the pitch, submit again at a later date or find a current story to attach your expertise to for the outlet.  Let them know what is news-worthy about your business and be flexible.

Denise Antoon is an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach.

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