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What an amazing time at Conference!  Now that Conference is over, I’m focused on following-up with all of the great connections I made, while not forgetting the spirit and energy we all shared during the event.

Here’s my Top 3 Favorite Things from Conference:

1.  Unity – it is awesome to be involved in an organization of motivated, positive, moving-forward business women where we can lift each other up through the challenges and celebrate each other’s successes.  This is true year-round, but at Conference I got to see it in action on an hourly basis.

2.  Giving Back – Unlike any other business networking group I’m involved with, eWomenNetwork focuses on giving first – the Gala on Thursday night and the spirit of giving is the “why” behind why I’m involved with eWomenNetwork.

3.  Girlfriends!  It’s much more fun to get a pedicure when a girlfriend shows up!  It’s a tremendous feeling to know that I’m building lasting friendships with some of the most amazing women on the planet, while building my business too.

What are YOUR Top 3 Favorites?

Let me hear from you in the comments below!


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  1. Amy Franko says:

    Great question Caroline! And I’ve loved the comments so far.
    My 3 big takeaways from conference:

    1. Play big! Let go of the fear, get into the world and play bigger! We deserve to play big, and we have a responsibility to do it. 🙂
    2. Invest in myself! That means personally and professionally.
    3. Serving from the saucer (someone else above mentioned that too) – what a unique and valuable way to look at how we show up in the world!

    As for favorites, so many, but I’ll narrow to 3!
    1. Fearless portraits – I almost didn’t do it, but it was so worth it!
    2. Connecting with my chapter – I’m new to eWN so just bonding with women from my chapter was wonderful.
    3. Femtor Awards – Wow – what a difference everyone on that stage makes in the world! And to think each of us has the power to do it too.

    Amy Franko
    Book Yourself Solid Sales and Marketing Mentor, serving savvy solo- professional women!

  2. My 3 Favorite Things from Conference:

    1. Meeting so many amazingly talented women who were open to meeting other amazingly talented women!
    2. The laughter and the hugs!
    3. and of yes, of course… the sound bites of wisdom from all involved!

    Sandra and Kym, Thanks for an incredible experience!

  3. Molly Myers says:

    What a wonderful conference. To know that you belong to such a great organization and that all the resources of this group are at your fingertips for you own personal scrutiny. I loved all of the speaker but if I had to pick out one, I guess it would be Lisa Nichols. What a dynamic lady. And what an inspiration. But then the humanitarian award really pulled at my heart strings. To know that my nephew is still in the Army as a helicopter instructor and operator and about to return to active duty. I can do nothing other then pray that he is not one of the ones that are injured and that if for some reason he it that I know were to go to get him help for his housing is a consistent relief. I know now where my money will go if I have enough to give to a charity and do not have to constantly struggle to find my next dollar. I know that this is just a matter of time an that soon I will be able to contribute to these folks and to see there dreams come true. Third the exhibitors were really great. I found many items that had to place on my wish list. And the silent auction was great. Wish I could have participated. Thanks Sandra and Kim for all of your hard work. We all love you and want to thank you for who you are and all that you have done.

  4. Katrina Sawa says:

    Hey all, so great to see so many friendly faces again at this year’s conference….it pays to SHOW UP!

    My 3 favorite things or messages from this year’s conference are:

    1. Investing in yourself – I heard this over and over again plus I spoke about it in my breakout session too and it’s so important, especially in this economy and day and age of many people ‘tightening their wallets’.

    You’ve got to continue to invest in yourself physically (by self care and pampering because YOU deserve it), mentally (through continued learning) and monetarily too by consistantly marketing, possibly hiring a coach, entering into targeted programs and showing up at many different types of events, conferences and workshops because only by building more relationships and really cultivating those over time will you be successful in your business (and your life).

    2. Pride – Attending the Opening Night Femtor Awards Gala always makes me so proud that I’m a member of such an extraordinary organization of folks who truly care about others. The lengths the foundation goes (and where our donations go) to help and support so many non-profits around the country and beyond always blows me away. (and makes me cry too of course!)

    3. Transformations – So many people commented on how they’ve noticed that I’ve completely transformed myself and my business so quickly from year to year since they’ve known me and followed me on email; they wanted to know HOW I did it and mentioned I was an inspiration to them.

    I want to say to any of you who are thinking this way that “you can do it too”. You can totally transform your life and your business (so that you HAVE A LIFE!) if you put your mind to it AND you take targeted action towards making this happen – hire a coach to show you how, attend more workshops or read more books and study how to be more….

    Because life is too short and if you’re not completely 100% happy in what you’re doing, learning, teaching or selling…then what’s the point? And if you’re not being supported in your personal life regarding your business, then it’s time to take action in that area as well – you don’t have to settle women!! Take your life by the horns and go after what you really want!! ;0)

    If you want some good advice and information on how to do any of this – transform, invest, be happier, etc. go get my Free CD on How to Attain Great Love AND Big Money…How to Finally Have it All! It’s my gift to you for reading this blog right now!! Go to http://www.LoveandMoneyTeleseries.com now, it’s free!

    Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

    Katrina Sawa
    The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

  5. 1. Live life Loud!
    Not loud in the sense of noise, but, being authentic allows others to see your true gifts and talents shine through from the inside of you. This ‘aura’ gives those around you the permission they so often need to truly live the life of their dreams!
    2. Serve from your saucer
    Lisa Nichols provided the closing keynote and shared with us another version of one my favourite lessons in life (for those of you who’ve seen me speak – the oxygen mask): serve from your saucer. Women, in particular, are giving and nurturing by nature, but, learning to honour self first ensures that your cup ‘runneth’ over and therefore when you serve the world, you do so from your excess, or, your saucer!
    3. Take action
    As Albert Enistein so beautifully put “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and once you’ve imagined how you want things to be, take the inspired action to make it happen. (No excuses!)

    Link to my blog post on this here:

    1. Gerrianne says:

      Listening to you speak about your experience at the conference makes me want to be there next year. What fun you had and amazing connections. Your ability to take all that you learned and and apply it in your own life is beautiful. Congratulations on your nomination and being a finalist. You rock!!


    2. Lisa Hanifan says:

      Warmth & Freindship – eWomen is unique in that everyone has a warm heart. You always feel welcome.

      The Speakers – I was able to listen to some great speakers who had some things to say that I needed to hear.

      Nordstrom’s – Thank you Nordstrom’s!! What a party! They have class!

  6. Susan Y says:

    I agree with your top 3 but would add the energy and inspiration, which builds within each of us and collectively as a group as we are together at conference, is hard to top. It catapults us forward in life and business.

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