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On November 18, 2010, Pamela Chatry became the Business Person of the Year at the Westside Awards of Distinction ceremony for the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce.  Pamela is the Managing Director of eWomenNetwork Vancouver Metro and Coquitlam in Vancouver, BC.

The Westside Awards of Distinction brings together and celebrates the achievements of local businesses.  The Business Person of the Year has shown exceptional vision and expertise, demonstrated consistent performance and dedication, and has served as a wonderful role model for business development and excellence.  Pamela is thrilled to be acknowledged for her commitment to women and business in both her company, Pamela Chatry and Associates, and as Managing Director for eWomenNetwork.

“There were eWomenNetwork logos all over the place!” said Chatry. “My fervent belief in the support and promotion of women in business is a natural extension of the eWomenNetwork philosophy: Lift as you Climb.  Taking on the role of Managing Director has not only enhanced my work, but also the quality of my life.”

Congratulations to Pamela Chatry for this prestigious award and for her commitment to her members and her community.



  1. As our newest eMale, Marc, I welcome you to this amazing community and know that your business is of huge value to our members. You are such a great example of ‘service excellence’ as each customer arrives safely home! It will be a pleasure supporting you this coming year!

  2. Hugh Dasken says:

    Pamela has been a big help to me in the short time I have known her. She has been great at getting me focused and my business on track to go to a new level that I had not even conceived before. Congratulations, Pamela on a well deserved honour!

  3. Congratulations Pamela! How wonderful!

    1. Wow! Thanks Cathy! I appreciate your note of congratulations! Wishing you a very successful 2011 and hope to see you very soon.

  4. lin rockwell says:

    yahoo pamela!!

    1. Thanks so much for the support Lin! It was wonderful to have you there as one of my ‘girlfriend’ cheering squad. As one of my newest eWomen Network Vancouver members, it’s so wonderful to be a cheerleader for you and Phoenix as well!

  5. Congratulations Pamela!! She is such an inspiration to me. I look forward to working with her and the other amazing members of EWN more closely in 2011, as a new member of the eWomenNetwork Metro Vancouver Chapter.

    1. I really appreciate our new relationship Narges! We have had some great chats and know there are so many more on the horizon. It will be a pleasure supporting you as a new member and I am really looking forward to your keynote. Thanks for your lovely words.

  6. I was fortunate to be at the KITS Business Awards event as I watched a stunned (of course in a good way) Pamela Chatry make her way to the podium! I truly felt her excitement as if she was giving an Academy Award speech! So much fun and I am so happy for her – she is deserving of this award:)

    1. Thank you Dana! It was just like the Academy Awards but better as I had the opportunity to celebrate small business in Canada. I know that you and I support the female entrepreneur in their roles and believe deeply in their success. Keep doing your wonderful work with them. You too are making a difference!

  7. Jane Mackay says:

    Congratulations, Pamela!
    Thanks for all your dedication & inspirational work with women.

    1. Thank you for the kind words artist extraordinaire! I am thrilled that we have such an amazing glass artist as our newest member! Jane, it will be so fun to promote you and your talents this year.

  8. Susan Thomas says:

    Pamela – I am so proud of you. You really deserve this award. Every time I talk to you it how can you help me and you are always so positive. Congrats on your award. You should be very proud. We are proud of you as our eWomen Network Leader. All the best…

    1. Thank you Susan! As another of our loyal eWomen Network members, you deserve huge acknowledgement as a successful business owner and supporter of your community. I am thrilled that you are throwing your hat into the political ring this year and am excited that eWomen can brag about our ‘soon to be’ elected politician!

  9. The award could not go to a more deserving person. Pamela is a great leader and role model to all who work with her. She is always concerned about how she can support and promote you – and creates opportunities to do that often. I am proud to be part of her eWomenNetwork leadership team and to call her my friend.

    1. As an outstanding member of my Leadership Team and a woman to be reckened with in her own community, this is high praise! Thank you Janice for all you do and your gift of friendship. You are also amazing!

  10. Marc Bonin says:

    It comes as no surprise to me that Pamela was selected as Business Person of the Year. Her ability to uncover the root of the problem and focus on the solution is astounding. Her vision to help as many people as she can to succeed demonstrates true leadership qualities. I see Pamela as a great role model in our community. I congratulate her and encourage her on her journey.

    1. As our newest eMale, Marc, I welcome you to this amazing community and know that your business is of huge value to our members. You are such a great example of ‘service excellence’ as each customer arrives safely home! It will be a pleasure supporting you this coming year!

  11. Norah Mcleod says:

    Congratulations Pamela, well deserved. Pamela has been guiding me a few business hurdles for a year now and her contacts are gold. In Vancouver she is the woman to know!

    1. Norah, you are awesome and make each call we have together special! It isn’t hard supporting you!

  12. Tracey Ehman says:

    Congratulations Pamela. What an incredible honor for you! Your commitment to connecting women business owners and supporting them to succeed is greatly appreciated!

    1. Tracey, I really appreciate your support. As one of our most loyal members, you have hung in with us through thick and thin. Thank you for all you are doing to continue to help eWomen Network remain #1!

  13. I’ve had the privilege of benefitting from Pamela’s acute mind for strategizing in my business and certainly eWomenNetwork members in the lower Mainland are blessed to have her as our director. She has the gift of helping you keep the big picture in mind. Thanks to her vision, collaborative spirit and enthusiasm we now have 2 fantastic eWomenNetwork chapters that support women entrepreneurs with opportunities to grow, network and build relationships. Congratulations Pamela on your recognition and success!

    1. Very kind words from a fellow amazing woman! Ina, your brilliance guides me!

  14. Megan Stacey says:

    Congrats Pamela! You are an inspiration to many people. Keep reaching for the stars!

    1. Thanks Megan! I couldn’t have done it without you!

  15. Thanks to Sandra, Kym and everyone throughout the whole eWomen Network community who support me in my work. I couldn’t do it without you all! eWomen Network is the best!

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