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By Kelley Edelblut, CPCC, ACC

Have you ever known that person whose life, no matter what direction they turn, just appears to be a big mess?

Well, I have.  It always bothered me to watch this woman in my life.  She was late, unprepared, not always well kept, her house untidy, forgetful and unorganized to remember a few “messy” qualities.

As I observed her and others like her, I concluded a few reasons for the mess:

  • These people took on more than they could handle
  • They were people with “one track” minds and focused primarily on only one thing
  • They were procrastinators
  • They were poor time managers
  • They were poor decision makers
  • They suffered from poor self esteem
  • They were hiding behind fear
  • In some cases I believe there are probably undiagnosed mental health issues

These people all knew their lives were a mess, and complained about it frequently.  They never felt as though they were doing too many things well.  Sometimes they sought out support in other areas, and that was valuable, but for the most part, were not feeling good about themselves.

To help the messy person in your life make sense of it all, ask them some of the following questions and see what they can uncover.

  • What’s the mess about?
  • What’s underneath the mess?  Describe it
  • What does life look like without the mess?
  • What’s important about the mess?
  • What are you tolerating by living in a messy world?
  • What is the payoff in all of this mess?


Kelley Edelblut is a Premier Success Coach that helps women make sense of the mess in their lives.


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