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By Ellen Seigel

When I heard “Lift as you climb” at my first meeting, I actually sensed a lifting feeling in the center of my chest.  I thought “this is a networking group? This is much more than a networking group!”

Have you noticed yourself climbing each day to be the best you can be?

Climbing each day to improve your relationships to help others even more?

Climbing to manage your personal life?

With each step as you climb…how about feeling the Lift!

So often you are working diligently with your nose to the grindstone.

Have you ever felt that you give so much, and more and more and also feel tired and depleted? (even when you have the Joy of giving?)

Some of us have even heard ourselves say “When will it be my turn?” or realizing, “there’s no one here for me in the way I’m there for others.”

Great News!   You don’t have to wait.  With every step in your climb —


There is ONE person who knows you, your sensitivities and needs better than anyone on this planet.   The one person who can give the exact caring attention you need is YOU!

We are talking about Internal Self Care.

The truth is that you are the one person in the world who can take the best care of you… Only you can be 100% sensitive to your own needs and life.

You are in the best position to receive your own caring while you are caring for others.

Giving and Receiving are really One.

So, what does this mean?

I invite you to get into a new perspective on giving.

Allow yourself to receive the same lifting gift you are giving, while you are giving it.

It’s like a hug. When you give a hug, you are receiving the same closeness that you are giving.

Another bonus for you …receiving while you are giving actually enhances the giving.

How?   It amps up the energetic intimacy (energetic fire) which is a healing force that radiates through to the person you are giving to and because it is initiated by you it radiates through you.  Being aware of this allows you to fully receive.

You are now aware. Receive, receive, receive…

Ellen Seigel is a Premier Success Coach that helps women Overcome Emotions That Hold You Back.



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