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By Susan Rueppel –

Here are some very useful tips for preparing for your time at the Conference, and making sure you get a lot out of your investment.

Preparation / Packing Tips:

  1. Business Cards
  2. Bring a pen, Sharpie (the “clickers” are great), and small Post-It notes to jot notes on business cards you receive (some of those glossy business cards are hard to write on with a regular pen.
  3. Name Tag – Although you will be provided an eWomenNetwork name tag, some people also like to bring their own company branded name tag. You can order them online at OfficeDepot.com if you don’t have a local source.
  4. Packing – Although it’s hot in Dallas in August, we will be mostly in the hotel, so bring a shawl or sweater as the air conditioning can be chilly. You’ll be on your feet a lot – so break in those new shoes well in advance.
  5. Checklist 1Bring healthy snacks to keep with you to keep your energy up between meals.
  6. The Yellow Checker airport shuttle to and from the airport/hotel offers cost effective ground transportation.
  7. Select the Breakout Sessions you want to attend in advance (you won’t be able to go to them all).
  8. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes or some 3 X 5 cards.
  9. Bring a small digital recorder for recording sessions (with speaker permission of course) or taking voice notes.
  10. Bring note cards and stamps so you can write notes at night to those people you met that day or write them on the plane on the way home.
  11. 3 hole punched plastic business card holder pages work great to organize all those business cards. Use separate pages for each day to help remember when you met people.
  12. Pack a small plastic zipper pouch to keep in your bag to corral business expense receipts, so you don’t have to dig through your purse for them when you get home.
  13. Bring cushy shoe inserts. With days of walking, standing and dancing, give those feet some extra love! It can be a challenge to be happy when your feet hurt.
  14. Bring a memorable give away – something for people to remember you by.
  15. Financial Advisor Amanda Johnson suggests bringing a Conference Organizer Binder with tabs for all those important plans: air travel reservations, airport to hotel shuttle reservations, hotel reservations, conference schedule, contact info for those you plan to meet at conference, pouch with thank you notes, stamps, pens, Sharpie, small Post-It notes, etc. Eliminate digging for information when you need it.

REST UP – (and sleep when you get back home!)

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