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Lori Hastings, Recipe Runway Founder

Lori Hastings, Recipe Runway Founder

My mom was a FANTASTIC cook, and she collected recipes by the hundreds over her lifetime.  When she died, as her only daughter I inherited all of those recipes… and what a task to figure out what to do with them and how to organize them!

Finally, there’s a solution for that problem:   Transform your old-fashioned paper recipe collection into an interactive online collection that’s simple and fun to use. Your own personal recipes, organized in a recipe center, at your fingertips, and online all the time!

We took some time to get some more information about Recipe Runway to share this exciting new service with you:

EW Q:    What is a Recipe Center?

RR:    A recipe center handles the perpetual question, “What do I do with all my recipes?” Recipe Runway has answered that question by providing a unique and innovative way to organize and manage ongoing recipe collecting. We leveraged a long-standing tradition of recipe collecting with technology of today to keep this hobby fun and easy so that you can get back in the kitchen and cook!

EW Q:    I already have recipes in online recipe boxes. Is the Recipe Center the same thing?

RR:    No, there are all kinds of online recipes boxes. Most of them are not categorized or organized in an easy and effective way. Remember, you are using their database of thousands of recipes that you have not tried or tested. At Recipe Runway, you have a personal recipe center.

EW Q:    Are the recipes in the Recipe Center your own?

RR:    Yes, the recipes come from each individual’s personal recipe collection.  You can personalize; add stories, family history, anecdotes. You can add serving or menu ideas, and even create virtual cookbooks of your recipes.

EW Q:    Do I have to upload or type in my recipes myself?

RR:    You can, but we find that the fastest and best method is to have them professionally scanned by Recipe Runway. Plus, it has you organized in just 10 to 14 days.  Our professional scanning captures and protects your treasured favorites; this is the heart of the recipe center. The handwritten recipes, the magazine tear outs with pictures, the little notes and changes you have made—all are preserved forever. In addition, scanning transforms a messy and/or unorganized compilation of recipes into a categorized, alphabetized, online collection and does it in 2 weeks or less. Searching, sharing and accessing your recipes just became a snap.

EW Q:    Can other people see my recipes?

RR:    No, your personal recipe center is private. However, you can choose to share your recipes publicly or with just those individuals you choose or not at all. The choice is up to you.

EW Q:    Can I give this service as a gift?

RR:  Absolutely! This is a fabulous gift for family, friends, colleagues, neighbors; favorite gal pals, or guys—anyone you think of as a food enthusiast, cook or appreciator of all things food.

EW Q:    Why Recipe Runway?

RR:    If your recipes could speak, what would their stories be? The dinners around the table that held a family together? The first meal you cooked for your new husband? How you and your daughter bonded when you taught her to make your grandmother’s sugar cookies? So you see it’s not about the actual recipe as much as about the impact these recipes and meals have had in our lives and history. That is why we value the recipes so much. That is why Recipe Runway!

We invite you to subscribe today at www.reciperunway.com  With the Holiday’s fast approaching this would make a wonderful gift.  Learn more about the Founder, Lori Hastings, at www.reciperunway.com in the about section under “Lori’s story”.  Also, take a moment to check-out the videos in the “how it works” section to learn more about the recipe center.

What a great way to get organized before the Holiday cooking starts – and what a great Holiday gift, too!!


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