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by Julie Thomas

I never knew what my true potential was, until a catalytic event—being laid off—forced me to change my thinking. Upon returning from my maternity leave, I was surprised to discover that my boss, my boss’s boss, and later my own position would be up on the chopping block.I had dedicated over 16 years of my life to this company and to say I was angry, embarrassed, and afraid was an understatement. But I had to face it. I was the victim of the changing of the guard and I couldn’t let any apprehensions I had dictate my future. After some reflection, I realized it was all about choices. I realized that I had to choose to figure it out, and make my new reality work for me, and my family. Early on, I recognized what knowledge I had and what I lacked, I surrounded myself with people whose skills complemented my own and didn’t try to do it all. Under the guidance of a mentor, I eventually decided to take a huge risk and take over ownership of a successful sales training company. I learned from this experience that success is a convergence of confidence, competence, and hard work.


Julie Thomas is a Co-Author of the book, “Succeeding In Spite of Everything.”


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