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Wow – what an amazing day at the eWomenNetwork Conference!   All of the speakers were tremendous today.  We heard from Debbie Meyer, Inventor of Debbie Meyer™ Green Bags® as she shared her story about creating products that solve problems that she has had in her life.

Next we heard from Loral Langemeier about how to “Put more cash in our pockets” – I heard Loral speak last year in a break-out session, and he was even more dynamic on the main stage this year.

It was hard to choose between all of the terrific break-out sessions offered!  I attended Linda Clemons break-out entitled “The Power, Persuasive, Seductive Art of Sellng” (WOW – she is a powerhouse of information and strategies for closing the deal!)  Then it was on to my fellow main-stage presenter for tomorrow, Mari Smith’s presentation on how to use Facebook and Twitter to grow your business.  Dubbed the Pied Piper of Facebook by Fast Company Magazine, she is a dynamic speaker and a warm, funny gal to get to know!

We heard from Sheryl Westad from Intuit (did you know that some folks can type 60 words per minute on their cell phones – amazing!) and Kathy Daly-Jennings from Google about how to employ Adwords in your business.

The presentations closed with fellow Minnesotan, Robert Stephens from The Geek Squad presenting about “Your Business Online” — for a self-professed “geek” he certainly is funny; I can see how that sense of humor has helped him build the huge organization he has created.  I caught up with Robert after his talk along with a couple of my Minnesota girlfriends (pictured below).

Pamela Muldoon, Caroline Melberg, Robert Stephens & Patty Mclain

Pamela Muldoon, Caroline Melberg, Robert Stephens & Patty Mclain

It’s off to Nordstroms tonight for shopping and fun … see you there!


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  1. This was my first conference and I thought it was fantastic. I have not been around so many passionate, driven and ‘fantabulous’ women in one place in a long time. I will definitely be back next year and look forward to making more great business connections and friends.

    Thanks for all of your effort in putting this together.
    The Bra Recycling Lady

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Thanks for your comment! I enjoyed meeting you at the eWomenNetwork Conference – I never knew about bra recycling, but now that I do I’m telling everyone about you! I’ll look forward to seeing you next year!

  2. Susan Wight says:

    When you bring the caliber of (new to us) trainers like Marvin Sadovsky, Peggy McColl, Mari Smith, and (repeat performance) Sandy Dumont, and ASK US TO CHOOSE it makes for a very difficult decision! These are only a FEW of my newer favorites this year, and every year the caliber of speakers increases. The topics were timely and terrific, thanks!

  3. Great conference! Thanks so much! Can’t wait until next year! The speakers were amazing! Amazing great inspiring women!

  4. Becky Henry says:

    Hi Caroline
    You were awesome! Can anyone tell us the full name of Kath the comedian that won the eWomenNetwork’s Got Talent? She was hysterical and I hope we will be able to see a video of her doing that act she did for us.
    Becky Henry

    1. Debbie Davis says:

      Hi Becky,

      I don’t know if anyone got back to you on this but her name is Kat Simmons and you can go to her website. It is http://www.katsimmons.com. She is for hire! All of us in Reno are very proud of her!


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