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Suspend Judgment

By Sandra Yancey – Trust that whomever you have bumped into is someone you are supposed to meet.  Suspend initial negative judgments that might enter your mind.  Never let yourself go to a place where you are sizing up people and prematurely drawing the conclusions...
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Strong Relationships Help Ideas Flourish

By Sylvia Henderson Like traditional wedding vows, being there “in good times and in bad” can also apply to relationships to help your idea succeed. Develop connections with people during your good times and they will likely be there for you when you need a...
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9 Content Mistakes I’ve Made

Lisa Larter
By Lisa Larter When you run your own business you are going to make mistakes in your content. Guaranteed. And yes, I’ve made lots of them along the way and every time something happens, the first thing I look at is intent.
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