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By Annetta Wilson

Email, texts and tweets are facts of life…and two-edged swords.

A written tirade (or the perception of one) can cause irreparable damage to relationships.  Why? The written word can be read over and over again.

If what you wrote would upset you if someone ‘said’ the same thing to you, you may want to do a rewrite.

People ‘feel’ your words. No one knows what you ‘intended’. Your words are interpreted based on the state of mind of the person reading them.

When in doubt, rewrite, rephrase, re-read.  A second opinion never hurts.  If you wouldn’t want anyone else to read what you were about to send, that’s a good indication you may want to consider a second look.

A good rule of thumb: use email to confirm or inform. Save the lengthy, detailed communication for face to face meetings. That allows you to observe body language and facial expressions. If you’re meeting by phone, listen for prolonged silence or changes in voice tone.

Perhaps the nursery rhyme that says sticks and stones can hurt, but words can’t, could use a rewrite in this age of email, texts and tweets!

Annetta Wilson is a Premier Success Coach that helps women with their Elevator Speech, Presentation Skills, and Media Training.


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