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By Melissa Hoffman

Changing inner dialogue patterns takes time, practice, and patience.  But it can be simplified.  “Beelieving” you can make positive changes is crucial, and it’s worth the effort to rid your life of ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that are otherwise ready and willing to steal life’s picnic from you.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

~ Proverbs 23:7

Surrounding yourself with reasons to SMILE more can serve as powerful reminders to keep believing, taking leaps of faith, and striving forward in meaningful pursuits.  When your thought patterns are consistently fortified, it’s much easier to overcome the ANTS.

It doesn’t necessarily need to take the form of visual art.  It could be a powerful audio meditation, a song, or a favorite color.  The important thing to remember is to surround yourself with powerful triggers that serve as reminders to take regular positive pauses to reflect on each and every time your beliefs are challenged.

The word believe spelled “Beelieve” is a simple, yet profound visual reminder that the humble bumble bee would not be able to fly if he listened to what modern science has to say about their flight being ergonomically impossible.  If the bumble bees listened to what we (and science) say about them, they wouldn’t fly.  Just imagine what wonders wouldn’t be accomplished.  Yet, they flourish without a single negative thought holding them down.  Maybe we spend too much time “thinking” and not enough time just “bee-ing”.

Don’t let negative thoughts stop YOU from flying high.  CHOOSE to focus on positive thoughts that hold the power to lift you …

What thoughts of disbelief are you meditating on?

What are you telling yourself that’s getting in the way of you achieving your ultimate desires, business or career goals, and life dreams?

“Beelieving” in your worthiness, your dreams, and your faith is a key factor to living an empowered life filled with heaven-on-earth experiences. If you think it’s impossible, it will be.  On the other hand, you can achieve the impossible if you “beelieve”.

What would YOU do if there were NO LIMITS?

Melissa Hoffman is a Premier Success Coach that helps women with Vision, Voice, & Vitality Branding Beyond Limits.


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