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By Patrina Wisdom

How are you showing up in the world? Are you showing up mentally, physically, and emotionally in a way that truly reflects who you are or are you wearing a mask? We all have roles that we must uphold like…mom, wife, boss, etc. But those roles do not and should not define who you really are. You are the leader of your life. You create your life daily with your thoughts and intentions. Why not create it authentically?

Connecting with and accepting who you really are gives others permission to do the same. Up until now you may have been living by default. Working in the career that you happened upon instead of the one you truly desire. Functioning in a relationship because its comfortable or you’ve been together for a long time instead of pursuing a relationship that makes you happy. Staying in friendships that no longer serve you or even worse, friendships or relationships that tear you down.

What’s keeping you from stepping powerfully into your role as the leader in your life? Is it fear of success? Fear of failure? Lack of clarity? Lack of a role model who is successfully doing it? Often times we allow our upbringing, our obligations, and expectations of others keep us stuck in a life that we are not happy in. Today I invite you to courageously take steps towards living a life that is authentically you. A life that may not make sense to those around you but one that wakes you up every morning excited, passionate, and grateful. A purpose-filled, passion driven existence.

Life is to short to settle. Each day is an opportunity to create a new reality, more fulfilling relationships, more joy and prosperity in our lives. I’m here to support you in that shift.
Patrina McDonald is a Premier Success Coach that helps women create a Fresh Start.


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