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By Lisa Larter

Have you ever seen an image on another blog post or in a Google search and wanted to use it for your own blog, newsletter, website, etc.?

Did you know that using images you find on the internet without prior permission and giving proper credit is copyright infringement? If you didn’t, you’re not the only one, because every day business owners and companies just like yours receive notices and hefty fines from groups like Getty Images and even individual photographers.

Why is this such an issue? Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that an image or content doesn’t have to be marked as copyrighted in order to be protected.

Another big misconception? If you aren’t using it to sell something, it doesn’t fall under copyright. This one tends to sneak up on a lot of businesses with an online presence. Regardless of why you are using the image, it can still be covered under copyright.

Take a look at this week’s Shop Talk episode to find out everything you need to know on images and copyright in order to keep your postings and website on the up-and-up.

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