Are You Putting Action Behind What You REALLY Want For Your Life?

By Pamela Smith

Everyone is super-busy nowadays, giving their best effort at creating a fulfilling and full life.  And with all of the busyness and doing, it’s very easy to find yourself in what I call the “DO Mode”.  That’s where you’re moving through that action item list (a physical list or the one imprinted on your brain) focused primarily on getting things done, taking actions, and executing.

Now this is not a bad mode to be in, but how often do you stop and really assess all of your doing?  Do you know what percentage of your effort is focused on taking care of the basics of your life versus taking you forward toward your goals and dreams?  In all the actions you’re executing, how many of those actions are centered on what you REALLY want to create in your life?  Can you count the actions on one hand …less than one hand?

Well, periodic assessments of your actions keep you moving forward toward what you really want for your life at the pace you desire instead of in circles.  They keep you aware and awake to what you’re doing and the impact of your actions, so you can proactively respond, change, adjust as needed, and make sure that what you really want for YOU doesn’t get left behind in your life.

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