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by by Ruby Yeh, AJ Harper & Amber Ludwig of the eWomenPublishingNetwork Team

“How do I sell books?”

This is one of the questions we are most asked by authors at every stage of the publishing process. Whether your garage is packed with unsold books, or you’ve been afraid even to start writing because you don’t know how you’ll sell it, there are strategies that will ensure that your message reaches your audience through your book.

We have identified the essential building blocks on which to build your book marketing, and these 5 Must-Have Success Strategies for the 21st Century Author are:

·      An author website that works for you

·      Publishing formats and sales outlets that will find the most readers

·      An effective social media approach

·      An expansive list of motivated promoters

·      A comprehensive content strategy

Publishing your book is not a pipe dream, and selling thousands of books is not rocket science, but only about one in ten authors ever reach more than a handful of readers. Once you learn the insider secrets and implement these 5 must-have foundational elements, you will avoid the typical publishing pitfalls and join the successful ten percent.

These 5 Must-Have Success Strategies will not only inspire you to come up with brilliant marketing ideas for your book, they will ensure that you can put those strategies into action.  So whether you are an aspiring author or already a published author, with these 5 must-have success strategies in place, you will sell more books, build a raving fan base and better leverage your book to grow your business.

Coming Soon: Ruby Yeh and her team will go more in depth into the creation and marketing of your book on their Tele-Insight on the eWomenNetwork Success Institute



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