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Ken Kragen

The Million Dollar Success Mastery Series is a free 5-part morning webinar designed to inspire you to wake up #2YourSuccess. Below are the personal calls-to-action that we have challenged our community with this week:


Today’s challenge from eWomenNetwork Founder & CEO Sandra Yancey is to fill in the blank, tag @SandraYanceyEWN and use #2YourSuccess (the official hashtag of the Success Mastery Series):

I commit to _______.

I commit to...

Challenge Accepted!

Below you will find some of our favorite tweets. Scroll through the personal calls-to-action and feel free to uplift and support each other by liking, replying and retweeting. It’s also not too late to tweet your response to the universe! Make sure to tag #2YourSuccess and @sandrayanceyEWN so we can support you!


































Feeling inspired yet? Let’s finish the week strong! Friday morning Success Master Marion Luna Brem will be taking us to the next level.

Marion Luna Brem

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