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Dianna Amorde

Dianna Amorde

You make hundreds of decisions everyday. Yet, you probably have some big and small decisions you struggle with, causing missed opportunities, a loss of time and energy, and niggling doubts about whether or not you made the “best” decision at the time.

Whether you have a decision you need help with right now, or you’d simply like to improve your decision-making skills, start your year off with confidence that you’ll make the right decision every time.

In this Tele-Insights session you will learn:

– Why you’ll want to access your wise mind (a brilliant blend of your logical left brain and your intuitive right brain) to make better, more profitable decisions anytime.

– How to strengthen your ability to create more “Aha! That’s It” experiences that lead to confident, rapid decision-making.

– A simple yet very powerful step-by-step process that uses the wisdom of Aha! Moments to bring you to the level of clarity, confidence, and courage you need in order to make big and small decisions.

– The one phrase that will remind you of how brilliant you are and why you can trust yourself to make the right decision.

– When to rely on intuition and when to use your rational mind.

– How to use the power of your intuition while working with associates and co-workers who don’t believe in intuitive wisdom.

About Dianna Amorde:

As founder of Austin-based Inspired Leap and author of *Aha! Moments: When Intellect and Intuition Collide*, Dianna Amorde is an Architect of Aha! Moments. She inspires and trains people to use all their inner resources to generate brilliant ideas, achieve creative breakthroughs and make more effective decisions. Corporate clients range from REI in Washington to Seton Hospitals and Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas. Prior to launching Inspired Leap in 2003, Dianna had a successful corporate career, including leading a division of Sierra On-Line and managing brands at Procter & Gamble. Dianna also holds an MBA from Harvard University.

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