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How to Keep Your Performance UP in a Down Economy – a Guest Post by eWomenNetwork Coach, Cathy Holloway Hill

Cathy Holloway Hill

Cathy Holloway Hill

As the workplace population shrinks, work load increases for remaining employees.  An important point to keep in mind is that recessions come and go.  History teaches us there were recessions and depressions in our nation since Washington was President.  The problem is not the reality of the situation – it is your perception of it.

Whether trying to thrive in a bad economy or trying to overcome any life trauma, the mind and body are in sync at all times.  Our surroundings, environment, external stimuli, workplace, and relationships all have a direct effect on our mental health.  When we learn how to re-program our negative thoughts to a more positive state of mind, we make a powerful mindset shift that is critical to life and career success.

Following are tips for keeping your performance, and attitude, UP:
•    Avoid participating in office gossip.   Focus on performing well, and don’t dwell on uncontrollable situations.
•    Ask your boss if you could head up a committee for remaining employees to voice their opinions in a positive manner.  Allowing everyone to be heard may eliminate the need to gossip.
•    Work on one task at a time.  This is necessary if you have been given extra work. Focusing on one item at a time will likely result in you finishing the task in a timely manner with fewer mistakes.

•    Don’t skip lunch.  Your body and mind require proper nourishment.  Leave your desk, and get away from your work area.  Take time to eat.

•    Avoid taking work home.  When you arrive home, unwind before you begin chores.  Sit down, clear your mind – no thoughts, no worries, no deadlines, no projects, no achievements, no goals, no work.  Visualize a peaceful calm place where you can relax and unwind.  Hold this vision in your mind.

Managers should keep in mind that it is especially important for employees to feel like winners at all times, especially during a recession and downsizing.  Taking a proactive approach in keeping morale up will result in happier employees.

Guest article by eWomenNetwork Premier Coach, Cathy Holloway Hill

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One thought on “Coaching Corner: How to Keep Your Performance UP in a Down Economy

  1. I really appreciate the article by Cathy Halloway Hill. I especially love the part when she mentioned “don’t skip lunch.” Oftentimes we think we’re working smarter and harder by skipping lunch but in essence we are definitely depriving our bodies of much needed nourishment and nutrition. We must break up the monotony during the course of the day. It actually helps us become more astute and enhances our thinking.

    Don’t take work home! That’s also great advice. I love being at home and with my husband. We have such a great, fun loving, intimate relationship and friendship and I can’t imagine bringing work home. There are times, however, when we are BOTH working together at home. We work together in business so it’s not as if he’s doing his thing and I’m doing mine; we’re actually working on business development TOGETHER. That’s the ONLY reason I sometimes work at home.
    Overall, the article was on point or as we say in the world of dance, en pointe!
    Thanks for sharing.

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