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Networking: It’s All in the Follow-up

  The Big Networking Event So you’ve invested oodles of money and time preparing, attending, meeting and cultivating relationships at a networking event like the eWomenNetwork International Conference and Business Expo. You say your good-byes. You get home feeling full and satisfied that your experience...
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Women Entrepreneurs: Funding at Your Fingertips

Need Funding? Who doesn’t? And if you’re a woman-owned business, there’s money out there for you if you know where to look for it. But, with more than 9 million women-owned businesses (2014 American Express State of Women-Owned Business Report), there is a lot of...
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6 P’s to Run, Manage & Sustain a Successful Biz

Your #1 “P” to Run a Successful Business Sandra Yancey, the Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, shares her 6 P’s for running, maintaining and sustaining a successful business. The number one “P” is your people. She says you can’t do it alone, but it’s important...
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Conquer Your Fear of Success

The High-Achiever Express Wheel to Nowhere To others your life looks pretty darn good; great job, loving family, even a cool car. But you know there’s something missing. You want change so badly you could taste it, but there’s something holding you back that you...
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