Suspend Judgment

Confident young brunette with arms crossed and her jealous opponent in the background
By Sandra Yancey – Trust that whomever you have bumped into is someone you are supposed to meet.  Suspend initial negative judgments that might enter your mind.  Never let yourself go to a place where you are sizing up people and prematurely drawing the conclusions that there is...
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What’s In My Skin Care Products?

skin care 3
By Gretchen Asher – As owner of BeFab Skin Care, I have a passion not only for creating stellar products, but also to educate women about anti-aging products, ingredients, skin care science available today and what to look for in products for your needs. This is the first...
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Angelina Jolie, Estrogen and Breast Cancer

By Mache Seibel, MD As editor of My Menopause Magazine and creator of the Menopause Breakthrough Program, I’m constantly coming across valuable information through my reading, interviews and coverage of medical meetings. My goal is to share my insights to help empower you to make the best decisions...
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How to Enjoy Joyful Living

By Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP CMC EdD I belong to a lot of organizations, coach many women and am active socially.  The one thing I’ve noticed is that many of the women who are successful in their career or a relationship, often are not experiencing the joy that...
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