Embracing the Suck: How to Master Change

By Stephanie Chung Can you name one thing all successful people have in common? The answer is: Failures. We have all encountered failures at some point in our lives. Failure is what continues to give us reason to learn and grow. Some people, however, need the occasional reminder...
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By Kelley Edelblut – ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE SETTING BOUNDARIES IN YOUR LIFE? For as long as I can remember, this seems to be a common theme with so many of my clients, that I thought I would address this topic.  A boundary is defined as “a limiting...
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Media Interview Tips – Staying In Control

Media - featured pic
By Annetta Wilson – In a media interview, preparation is your secret weapon. Know who the audience is and what they really want. – Keep it Simple. Forget about the complicated words, industry jargon and terminology. You’re there to help, not impress. – Look the Part. Check your...
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Home Workplace Organization from A to Z

Home and work organization
By Emily Johnson  – What’s the most important quality of a successful business lady? Self-organization. We all know how hard it is to balance between career and family. Through strong desire, passion, and patience, business women achieve great results in their careers today. And it is not a...
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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn

Social media and LinkedIn
By Stacey Harris – We all know the importance of a first impression, you only get one shot after all. This rule doesn’t only apply to meeting someone face to face it also applies online. Unfortunately this also something a lot of people are messing up, specifically on...
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